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Garden Landscaping Services
51 Hofmeyer Drive (cnr Tana Road)

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Garden Landscaping

Looking for a Complete Garden Revamp, a Garden Make-Over or Simply Gardening Advice?
Then You’re at the Right Place!

Garden landscaping is all about a well laid out garden that beautifies your home, making your environment an enjoyable place to live in. In addition, an attractive garden adds value to your property. Having a stunning garden starts with landscaping its foundation correctly. Once this is done, its upkeep only needs ongoing maintenance and lawn care.  The fun part happens when you change the plants for each season. You can choose to have a high maintenance, low maintenance or no maintenance garden – they’ll all look great. Gardening is timeless, for all ages. There’s nothing more therapeutic or satisfying than creating your special place to recharge your energy or lift your mood than your garden.

It’s not unusual today, to find vegetables growing amongst flowers. If you like birds and bees in your garden, then plant those flowers which attract them. With little time for gardening, then pots and rockeries, even water features, will work for you. Even in a crowded environment, there’s always some way to design your garden.

You have two choices when designing your garden …

firstly, you can have it done for you by a professional landscaper; or

secondly, you can do it yourself with advice from a professional landscaper, saving you loads of time, effort and in the long run money.

Your location, climate and preferences play an integral part in creating the outcome you’re wanting. Gardening books and magazines can help with landscaping ideas, but there’s nothing more valuable than walking through your property, one-on-one, with a professional landscaper, laying out the vision of how you see your perfect garden.

About Us

Gardens in Wonderland have been in the garden design and landscaping business for over 30 years. Robert and Alwyn formed the partnership in 1987. Alwyn had been the Chief horticulturist for a mining group for 17 years where he landscaped and built gardens, developed parks and beautified buildings across South Africa.

During this time, he had the good fortune of identifying many sources of rare plants and rocks, many of which are now used to this day.

Robert was project manager for a large hotel group for 10 years leading up to the formation of the partnership.

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