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Garden Landscaping Services
51 Hofmeyer Drive (cnr Tana Road)

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A Long-time Love of Garden Landscaping

It's common to spend money on an interior decorator in order to get their experience and advice, when designing the look and feel of a home interior. It makes sense then to use the services of a Landscaper to turn your garden into the private haven that you desire.

Designing a beautifully landscaped garden takes a lot of planning, as well as professional eyes and hands to create something more than just planting pretty flowers.

Gardens in Wonderland are highly experienced specialists, using 30 years of knowledge, in garden design, garden landscaping, building and maintaining beautiful gardens for a wide range of clients in Johannesburg and across South Africa.

Johannesburg has some of the most beautiful gardens in South Africa and we are very proud to have created a number of these beautiful gardens.

Robert and Alwyn formed the partnership in 1987.

Alwyn had been the Chief horticulturist for a mining group for 17 years where he was landscaping and building gardens, developing parks and beautifying gardens across South Africa.

During this time, he had the good fortune of identifying many sources of rare plants and rocks, many of which are now used to this day.

Robert was project manager for a large hotel group for 10 years leading up to the formation of the partnership.

We will help you achieve the proper balance between the different elements of your garden design such as Hardscape and Softscape. Hardscaping covers brick or masonry work, and Softscaping covers live plantings and other organic materials used in landscaping. The knowledge of how to balance these different components comes from professional training and years of experience.

Gardens in Wonderland creates a truly inspired landscape design specific to your needs and budget. The impact of a great landscape plays a pivotal role in the overall way your garden is experienced, utilised and enjoyed.

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