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Japanese Garden

Using a Japanese Garden as a Meditation Retreat

A Japanese garden can become a meditation retreat where you can enjoy relaxing with peace and tranquillity. The garden should have a feeling of space and this gives a feeling of freedom. In Japan most people do not have room for large gardens, they have to make the best of the space they have and there needs to be within the garden a feeling of privacy and that is why there needs to be some kind of enclosure. This is particularly important if you want to use your garden for meditation. The Japanese garden needs to contain design that shows the changes of season, winter and summer, spring and autumn There can be a sense of a new birth or a new beginning for you. The Japanese garden needs should not reveal everything all at once; there should be surprises; things will be hidden in unexpected places and will only...

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Meditation Garden

How Can A Meditation Garden Benefit You?

A meditation garden, sometimes called a contemplation garden, is a fairly new concept. Of course, gardens and meditation have been around for centuries, but the combination of the two as a specific serene spot you can create yourself is more of a modern concept. The reason for having one of these types of gardens is to give yourself a place to sit down and meditate, or at least to think quietly and enjoy the surrounding environment. These types of gardens are a handy way to escape the tensions of your ordinary life. In essence, your visit to the meditation garden is meant to be a pleasant break during your day. When you think of your meditation garden, you should picture yourself relaxing, sitting on a bench meditating, while listening to birds chirping, water running and feeling the cool breeze over your face. A meditation garden can have different meanings for...

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Low Maintenance Gardens

Low Maintenance Gardens Are Becoming Very Popular

"Low maintenance gardens can be high on impact, and they can be just as stylish as gardens that demand regular attention, "according to Peter McHoy in his book, Planning Your Garden. The rising cost of living is making low maintenance gardens more cost effective. However, it's important to plan in advance rather than just run head long into it. Although a low maintenance garden can be achieved relatively easily, if you fail to plan it properly it can end up more work than it should. Some things to consider when you are planning for a low maintenance garden are: Is it because you’re getting older? Is it because you just don't have time? Are you doing it because you don't like gardening? Do you still want plants and flowers? Is it due to financial restraints? Is it because you have no gardening skills? Although there may well seem like a...

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Revive Garden

Is It Time to Revive Your Garden?

Why revive your garden? Every product has a life cycle and so does your garden. Just as styles change, so does your garden change. Trees get bigger taking more nourishment out of the soil around them. Sunny spots turn to shady spots. Overcrowding suffocates new plant growth. Children grow up and no longer need their sand pit. You get the picture, your garden is a living creation and from time to time welcomes reviving – a refreshing new look! Your garden should blend with your home architecture and be practical for whatever purpose you design your garden for. Meaning that if the garden serves as a getaway from daily stresses, garden features that promote serenity and security should be incorporated from the design stage. What’s the style and look you’re wanting? Would you like something modern or something minimal and manageable? Choosing a style and/or theme beforehand will help you...

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Water Feature with Pond and Pots

Tips and Ideas for Small Gardens

One of the challenges of small garden design is of course space. Consequently, you must be much more disciplined in your approach. It is especially important to prepare a plan where space is limited to ensure that the finished garden meets the practical requirements and looks great too. Preparing a detailed garden design plan will ensure all the functional areas are the correct size for their purpose and will fit into the garden. The first step in any small garden design project is planning the type of garden you want to grow. Do you want a small garden with lots of colour? Will you want flowers that you can cut and bring indoors? If so, then you will want to think about flower garden design. Do you want to combine an interest in cooking with a small vegetable garden design or a herb garden design? Maybe you want to consider...

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Garden Planters

Garden Planters Can Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Garden containers, flower pots and planters are an attractive and very practical way of decorating your garden, patio or conservatory and a little bit of imagination can work wonders. One problem with gardening nowadays is that many people have little or no backyard. This is why there are garden pots. These containers are available in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. Flower pots and window boxes allow you to grow plants even if you have no backyard or open space for gardening. Home gardening has never been easier with the availability of plants that can be placed indoors and outdoors. There are many reasons for growing plants in garden containers. An obvious one is if you are growing exotic plants that can be placed outdoors in summer in a location that suits each plant, and then taken indoors or into a more shaded spot in autumn and winter....

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Garden Revamp

Is Your Garden Begging For A Refreshing Look?

Before entering your home, your garden is the focal point for a visitor. Is it welcoming or does it have a tired look? In addition, having an attractive garden will definitely boost the value of your property. Just as the cycle of life keeps changing, so will your garden need to keep changing. Consider how a garden changes from the needs of a single person, to a couple, to a home filled with children tearing around the lawn or simply playing in a sandpit. Then, in later life, having a raised garden saving a lot of bending when weeding and maintaining the garden. It is a good idea to think about the family needs and how well you will maintain the garden as you reach each stage in your life cycle. All gardens eventually have that tired look and feel, even if well maintained. At some stage they will need to...

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Water Feature with Pond and Pots

The Benefits of Garden Water Features

Garden water features add a cool, lush look and feel to a garden. Water and the sound of running water are natural triggers that immediately cause the mind and body to relax. This is one of the main reasons why many people are choosing to create an inviting environment outside their home, so that relaxation therapy begins even before entering the home. The sound of running water has been shown to reduce stress levels as well as function as 'white noise' to blot out undesirable sounds.  This last benefit is especially desirable in urban areas where often yards and patios are close to neighbours and busy roads. Water fountains for gardens are a way to significantly increase your enjoyment of your garden space. As an added benefit to a patio, deck or garden, a water fountain also releases a small amount of moisture into the air through evaporation.  This evaporation...

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Garden Nursery

How to Choose Quality Plants at a Garden Nursery

Choosing plants for your garden requires care and an eye for detail. Before going to a garden nursery to buy plants for your garden, look around your neighbourhood for plants which seem to grow well. This is always a great indication of which plants will grow well in your area. You have to have some idea about what plants to bring home. Plant soil. Make sure the soil in your garden is appropriate for the type of plants you have in mind to grow. Also, be sure the soil has been prepared and ready for the transplanting. Garden layout ideas. It helps to already have an idea about the layout and the design you'd like for your garden. If you'd like more than one plant type, you have to know how many of each you need for the portion of the space you are planting out. At first glance, everything in...

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Small Functions Garden Venue

Small Functions Venue

Gardens In Wonderland is available for small functions. A gorgeous, elegant venue to host a book club or corporate lunch, high tea or adult birthday party. Get in touch with us for more details. Contact Us [siteorigin_widget class="WP_Widget_Media_Image"][/siteorigin_widget]

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