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Garden Landscaping Services
51 Hofmeyer Drive (cnr Tana Road)

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Water Feature With Pots and Pebbles
Water Feature With Pots and Pebbles
Large Themed Garden
Large Themed Garden

We personally supervise all our landscape projects from start to finish, working with our dedicated gardening team. We pride ourselves in personally sourcing and selecting high quality plants and placing them in appropriate places, in a sustainable and practical way.

Our garden designs and landscaping projects always endeavour to make the garden an extension of the house, as well as reflect the style of the  garden owner.

Attention to detail is paramount when building every aspect of the garden. And, the need to prepare groundwork properly achieves the result that always brings satisfaction of money well spent.

In all our landscaping services and garden projects, we work very closely with our clients in order to achieve a beautiful and practical garden, which is easy to maintain, and ensuring we give them the outcome they’re wanting.



Summer Season Garden
Summer Season Garden
The 'Tree' Memory Incorporated
The ‘Tree’ Memory Incorporated

Let’s face it, we all have a tree, a shrub or a flower that brings back happy memories of a time and era of your life. Tell us what it is, and we can incorporate it into your garden to remind you of those times.

Johannesburg has many micro climatic areas that make landscaping both exciting and challenging. An example of this is our own home garden, which is extremely cold and frosty in winter, necessitating us to plant hardy trees and shrubs … no tropical or sub-tropical plants would survive in our garden. Yet two blocks away from us is a wide range of lovely tropical plants.

Our creative landscaping ideas give you a variety of choices, from high maintenance to low maintenance, even … no maintenance! With lots of colour in your garden beds or cascading from pots. The choice is yours! Check out our project galleries that showcase the wide varieties of garden designs and styles you can choose from.

Landscaping is not cheap today. Plants are expensive, as are related costs of labour, water, transport and other factors. So, if you are prepared to spend the money to have a lovely, beautiful landscaped garden, do it properly and call in Gardens in Wonderland.

Before quoting, we need to visit the proposed site for the garden, therefore we do charge a fee to come out to give a quote. Naturally, for our expert advice and knowledge, we charge consulting fees which all depend on what you want us to help you with.

Consider including a supporting maintenance package when accepting your quote. You score in two ways … firstly, you save money because it’s discounted and secondly, your garden will always be in tip top splendour with less effort from yourself.